Fitness + Athletic Build Out

General Contractor Houston

There are over 8,500 fitness centers, gyms, spas, and sports complexes in Texas. To stand out from the rest, you need to give clients an unforgettable experience. Customize your facility with a spa, pool, or indoor soccer field. At Construction Concepts, we provide complete architectural design, engineering, and general contracting services for your athletic build-out in Houston.

Planning a Fitness Build-Out in Houston

Our goal is to help you customize your project so your new building or build-out is exactly what you envision. Our commercial fitness and athletic planning services include several steps:

1.      Choosing a location: We can help you analyze site quality to decide if the proposed locations are a good fit for your project.

2.      Designing an architectural layout: Our architects coordinate closely with you to create a space that fits your brand identity perfectly.

3.      Selecting flooring for each area of your gym or fitness center: We consider safety, performance, style, and comfort when recommending flooring options, from interlocking rubber tile to hardwood floors.

4.      Coordinating security measures: We can help you select the layout of security cameras, alarms, and access control systems for your new construction to protect your customers and your business.

5.      Ensuring locker rooms follow code: As a general contractor, we help your business comply with local regulations regarding locker room layouts and safety features.

We make the construction process as worry-free and streamlined as possible. For example, we handle permit expediting for commercial gym construction.

Fitness Equipment Needed

We take a hands-on approach to all needs related to your athletic build-out in Houston. For example, we help you create next-gen equipment layouts for:


         Circuit training


         Fitness studios

         Cable machines

         Boxing areas

Many gyms and fitness centers have success with dedicated areas for personal training and functional training. The right layout impresses your clients and makes your center look elite.

Fitness Construction & Design Company

As a leading fitness construction company, we can coordinate virtually any type of building project related to fitness:

         New construction: Design the ideal fitness center from the ground up.

         Fitness build-out in Houston: Expand your available space to make room for additional services or fitness equipment.

         Interior renovation: Transform an existing property into a cutting-edge gym.

         Tenant build-out services: Choose a fitness and athletic facilities construction company that delivers the type of space your tenants want cost-effectively.

Our team is equipped for fitness build-outs of any size, from franchise gym locations to massive sports arenas.

Why Choose Us for Fitness or Athletic Facility Construction

At Construction Concepts, we have over 25 years of experience with project management for fitness and athletic facilities.

Full Project Management

We oversee projects completely, coordinating teams of professionals from start to finish. You avoid the hassle of dealing with plumbers, electricians, and countless other contractors personally.

Attention-Grabbing Architectural Design Services

We design athletic buildings and build-outs that have a unique identity. Our experts recommend architectural details and interior accents to build functional, bold, elegant, and amazing spaces. We have the expertise to turn your concept into reality.

Exceptional Work

We deliver work of the highest quality every time. Our team keeps up with the latest design trends for fitness centers and spas, and our state-of-the-art tools show you options ahead of time.

Create an Unforgettable Fitness Center with the Ideal General Contractor

At Construction Concepts, we are more than a construction business. We are a full-service general contractor and architectural design company. Instead of just building spaces, we bring them to life. Contact us to get started with your athletic build-out in Houston right away.